Star Wars Battlefront2

The platforms you can play Battlefront2 on are X-Box, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. This epic game is absolutely packed with fun from opening crates to playing Heroes VS Villians in multiplayer mode.

Battlefront2 is much more advanced than the original Battlefront, however, there can be some slight improvements. A couple good things about Battlefront 2 is that there are crates, new modes and a new way to get Heroes and vehicles instead of pickups; continuing on from heroes and vehicles, you can choose between  Assult, Heavy, Officer and Specialist. Now in Battlefront2, you can also unlock star cards which you can use for heroes and soldiers.

The improvement that could be made by EA is to add the skirmish mode, they do have Galactic and Starfighter assault but I do personally miss both assaults when I play online. This video below covers everything you need to know about Battlefront 2. Have fun playing Battlefront 2!

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