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Alex Rider: Stormbreaker – Book Review

This book is called Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz. The genre of this book is fiction and adventure.

Alex woke up at 3 am, he heard that his uncle, Ian Rider was killed in a car crash. The police said that Ian wasn’t wearing his seatbelt which resulted in him being smashed by a lorry at a roundabout. Alex the next day went to J.B. Stryker to find out more about his uncle’s death. When he arrived at his destination, he instantly saw his uncle’s BMW; Alex snuck past the guards to get inside the BMW.  As soon as he got inside the car, he instantly recognized that his uncle was shot, not smashed by the lorry. After he got out of the car, the guards saw him but then he unleashed his karate skills, Ian had taken Alex to a karate club since he was six. The 14-year-old brought up one leg, twisted the body round and lashed out. The back kick, it is said to be the most lethal move in karate.

I would recommend this book to 10-year-olds because it is action packed with excitement and risks. I would rate this book a 4 and a half star out of 5 because there are some parts in this book that is very inappropriate.  The main character in this book is Alex; my favourite part is when Alex gets sent to Sayle Enterprises for his very first spy mission. After you read the book, check out the movie.  You can buy the book here. Good Luck!

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