Lego Star Wars: Elite Praetorian Guard (set 75529)

On Wednesday 14th February 2018, my uncle brought me the following Lego set. This spectacular Lego set is amazing especially if you have watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you have not, I suggest you watch it because it is really amazing. Once you have finished building it, the finished product is mouth-watering.

This guard guards Supreme Leader Snoke in the movie, they are deadly and dangerous. This Lego set is amazing as it can turn 1 long weapon into 2 short weapons. You can adjust the arms, the weapons, the leg and the feet. Also, at the back of the guard, it has a little feature that when moved left and right, it moves the arms left and right. The cape that goes around it is a material called felt, or even fuzzy felt!

On the box, it says ages 8-14 but I think it isn’t very hard so personally, I think it should be 7-14 because there aren’t many small pieces and most of the pieces are big; the manual isn’t very hard to understand except steps 27-29 which is putting the cape on.

I would rate this Lego set 5 out of 5 because it is really fun to play with when you can’t concentrate, it is like a fidget toy.  I recommend buying this because it is fun to play with.  You can buy it on Amazon here.

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