Lego Star Wars: Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter (75168)

On Wednesday 14th February 2018, my uncle brought me the following lego set, he brought it and I built it the same day. This awesome starfighter is spectacular and rammed with loads of features from firing 2 bullets to keeping space for a green lightsaber; now this lightsaber belongs to the Jedi master Yoda; speaking of Yoda, it also comes with non-other than R2-D2, he even has his own space on the ship. The finished product is mouthwatering!

The ship is breathtaking with many features. The first feature is the wings, now the wings can be opened and closed, also, it has lots of green patches all over the ship, on the wings, it’s mostly at the front. The second feature is Yoda’s cockpit; now to open this, you have to pull down the transparent door and lift up the 3 pieces including the one with the sticker. Also, you can put the sliver piece of the lightsaber in the big see-through piece, now what’s really annoying is that you cannot put the green cylinder anywhere, you can put Yoda in and put it on his arms or you could keep it somewhere safe. I lost that piece but eventually, I found it. The final feature is the spring-loaded blasters! The set comes with 3 green bullets that you put in and when ready to fire, press down on it but not to hard otherwise it won’t go. NEVER aim for anybody’s face the bullets zoom very fast and it could hit someone in the face or even worse, in the eye, you might not think that it is painful but it can hurt a lot if it goes into someone’s eye

I would rate this lego set for the first time ever, 4.5 out of 5 because as I mentioned before, you don’t have a proper space to put the full lightsaber unless you build something and stick it underneath, but apart from that, I absolutely adore this lego set and I would Still recommend you buy this

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